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1. Document Information

This privacy policy is in effect as of January 15, 2019, applies to and (hereinafter jointly denoted the “website”) and shall remain in effect until superseded. It shall remain in place until superseded. It shall be known as VERSION 1. This policy may be changed at any time without notice. Please refer back to this portion of the website for any updates to ensure current information.

2. Persons Involved

This policy governs the relationship between you, the user (hereinafter, “Data Subject”) and Dolce Vita Law, LLC, as the person responsible for the content of the website (hereinafter, “Data Controller”). Any other person or entity shall be known as a “Third Party.” Any party to whom Data Controller discloses Data Subject for purposes of “data processing” as defined infra, shall be known as a “Secondary Data Processor.”

3. Privacy and Data Protection

Personal data means any identifying information on a Data Subject. Data protection and privacy are key values for the Data Controller, and the requisite care shall be used to process any data, where “Data Processing” means any collection, retention, modification, deletion, or other action reasonably synonymous to the verb processing of data regarding the Data Subject.

4. Types and Uses of Collected Information

(a) Statistics

This website may collect statistical information regarding site use in order to improve site usage and Data Controller marketing effectiveness, which shall be understood as a legitimate interest of Data Controller. This information shall be collected by means including Google Analytics or through any software application relating or analogous thereto. For more information on Google Analytics, or how to disable any cookies (small text files that store information on the Data Subject’s computer), please refer to Google’s privacy policy and to the Data Subject’s browser instructions.

(b) Newsletter and Updates

By submitting an email address or other contact information to sign up for the Website, Data Subject agrees to receive Data Controller’s newsletter and periodic updates, not to exceed two per week, and generally limited to one or two per month. Data Subject may unsubscribe at any time by following the link in the email or by contacting Data Controller (see Contact Information, below).

(c) No dissemination or sale

Data Controller shall not disseminate or widely broadcast Data Subject data, nor shall Data Controller sell Data Subject data, absent Data Subject’s express consent.

5. Data Subject Rights

Data Subjects shall have the right to have their data erased, amended, corrected, or supplemented, or to have any data obtained in violation of the law (see Applicable Law, below) blocked, as well as the right to know of the existence of data in systems under Data Controller’s direct control, and to have such data delivered to them in an easily accessible, commonly used, machine-readable format, and to know of any logic applied to any database in which such personal data is stored (individually denoted “Data Subject Right,” collectively denoted “Data Subject Rights”) by contacting the Data Controller (see Contact Information, below), and allowing the Data Controller a reasonable time to respond to such requests.

6. Limitations

(a) Third-party processing

The Website is hosted by Go Daddy as to, and Wordpress, with respect to, and was created using Wix. The Data Subject should refer to such third parties’ own privacy policies with respect to data processing conducted on Data Subject data by the same, and for which Data Controller is not responsible.

(b) Third-party websites and links

This Website may contain links to third-party websites via hyperlink. Data Controller shall not be responsible for the Data Processing conducted by such third party, and therefore Data Subject  shall be responsible for consulting such third-party privacy policies for all relevant information.

(c) No attorney-client relationship

Nothing herein shall be construed as creating an attorney-client relationship between Data Controller and Data Subject. Data Subjects should seek the guidance of an attorney with respect to understanding the instant policy, the laws it references, and the Data Subject Rights noted herein.

7. Applicable Law

The instant Policy is intended to comply with the European General Data-Protection Regulation (“GDPR”) and all United States privacy laws (“U.S. Privacy Laws”).


8. Contact Information

To exercise any Data Subject Right, for any privacy-related enquiry, or for any concern, the Data Controller may be reached through its Data Protection Officer (“DPO”) Emilia Brown at, or by mail at PO Box 14394, Springfield, Missouri.

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